Journey to my 100th project on Codeable

Today (the day passed a long ago though 🙂 ) marks my 100th completed project on Codeable. The story revolves around the struggle I have been through to reach the milestone along with the Introduction of how my freelancing life has been changed through the Platform.

What is Codeable!

Some of you might be wondering what Codeable is. It’s the only WordPress exclusive freelancer platform whose 5 steps strict vetting process makes it stand out as a Premium marketplace.

Codeable is slightly different from the conventional freelancing/outsourcing marketplaces we see around. Developers need to be experienced and skilled to be able to join the Platform. And followed by applying and going through the rigorous vetting process to be accepted. Which I believe justifies charging $70-$120 hourly rate range for the clients.

How it Works!

There are no such things as job application Quota or Bids in Codeable. Experts (That is the designation after being accepted in Codeable) need to apply on projects through commenting and they can apply as many projects as they want. Although there is a soft rule not to have more than 5 application on each project.

Even though the rulebook says not more than 5, in practice each project usually has around 2-3 applications due to the well-maintained ratio of Expert to Client. So once a developer is in Codeable platform the competition is not as fierce as the other marketplaces. In terms of the price of a project in Codeable we call it an estimate instead of bid. Experts provide an estimate for a project based on the number of hours it should take in the range of $70-$120 hourly range. The client sees only one price regardless of how many Experts engage which is the average of all the price. Codeable believes it eliminates the race to the bottom. If the price goes down the quality goes down with it.

How I started

I have heard about Codeable during my job in Themefusion (The company behind Avada). Later I applied in Codeable as an Expert around 2014/2015. To maintain the balance of Expert-Client Codeable doesn’t always recruit new Freelancers. Also, it requires a great deal of experience and skillset to be able to be in the vetting process of Codeable. Most probably these are the reasons I heard back from Codeable in my 2nd/3rd attempt in 2019.

By then I have heard some good things about Codeable along with the $70 starting hourly rate. I have started researching Codeable and found out some of the Freelancers used to hear back from them after a couple of months or in some cases 4.

I’m not sure if it’s my fortune or the Core contributor badge, I heard back from them within a week with the first test. I was quite serious on all the steps of the Codeable Test and my instinct has been telling me from the beginning “You’re going to get this”.

Which I eventually did within a month or so.

The Story

Being a skilled and experienced developer in WordPress isn’t the only thing you need to be successful in Codeable. Being extremely efficient in communication to convince the client why s/he’s paying that much money is another important thing.


Although I’m not very good at communication but the constant support and suggestion from the Team of Superheros we call “Support” helped me a lot to do well throughout my journey. As there is only a handful Expert in Codeable (500+) in comparison to the marketplaces the Support team is more like a family that you can reach anytime. They are not only wizards in communication but experienced Developers.


The Environment in Codeable is quite friendly where every expert is more like a friend than a competitor (literally). There is always room for a new Developer (In terms of the Platform) to dive in. I even got my 2nd project as one of the Senior Experts left the project so that I can get my first one (By that time I was already hired on another project).


In my Opinion, Codeable got the best of the best client-base in the WordPress industry. Although every good thing has its downsides. I had to go through a few rough clients as well. That might be due to the fact that we were not a good fit for each other. And in my case almost 30%-50% of the clients are recurring. The most important thing is, Most of the clients understand the value of the service we’re providing them.

The Gist:

Codeable has a steady stream of high quality and highly paid projects. Experts put their estimates on a project, clients get one price averaged out of all estimates, no matter which Expert they choose to work with. So there is no “race to the bottom” on pricing which ensures the quality they promise to provide.

The rulebook says only a handful of Experts can apply on a single project although the number of applicants stays even lower than it. Eventually, you end up competing with mostly 2-3 experts. So the competition is not fierce at all. You don’t have any limitation of how many projects you can apply there as well.

I have worked with several Freelance marketplaces so far in my 10 years career. I’m grateful to all of these. Each and every platform helped me learn new things, overcome new challenges.

Codeable is undoubtedly the best one for me, so far. In terms of competition, learning new things and earning of course.